API Development

June 2014
100,000+ API calls

The Idea

With the popularity and engagement of Spillit, the client wanted to take the beautifully crafted web experience and move it to mobile. They wanted a robust interface which could handle large amount of requests concurrently.


We started with mapping out the entire web applications and then split it into smaller chunks. This allowed us to have more descriptive API endpoints.

After that we began to analyze the framework the site was built on and harnessed its robustness to create a fast and consistent API.


Security was one of the most important concerns before we even started working on the project. We devised a way which would cause minimum hindrance to user and yet be secure enough to protect sensitive data.


Delivered a very robust API to build the iOS app on. The app was adopted by over 10% of Spillit's users in the first week and over 50,000+ API calls were handled in a very short amount of time.